GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN’s adult programs are tailor-made for your fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to stay fit, increase your health levels or just sweat it out for a few minutes, you’ll find the right classes, disciplines and equipment to help you achieve your aim.

In-body Machine Orientation & Consultation

Discover your fitness levels with our comprehensive In-body 270 Machine Analysis program. All you need do is take a one-minute test that examines your body composition, muscle-fat proportion, obesity level and Segmental Lean Analysis.
The test identifies:

  • Level of body mass, fat and muscle
  • Amount of water in body, nutrients and minerals compos
  • Obesity level
  • Areas of excessive or insufficient muscle/fat
  • Imbalance between corresponding segments e.g. right arm and left arm
  • And much, much more!

Our fitness experts will use your results to devise a unique training program that targets your specific needs and guides you towards your optimum fitness goals. With Gunze Sports Japan, your health & fitness are in expert hands!