Kids Swimming Camp

Are your children afraid of water? Don’t worry! GUNZE SPORTS is now offering a Kids Swimming Camp with affordable prices, as well as, providing invaluable knowledge and technique.

At GUNZE SPORTS, our highly experienced instructors, have successfully taught numerous children to master proper swimming techniques which can be used to save themselves and others from any risks of drowning. If you’re seeking a Kids Swimming school for your kids during this school vacation, please come over to GUNZE SPORTS. Below is the schedule for our swimming camp at both of our branches:  


- 1st Round: Starts from 11th to 15th of December, 2023
- 2nd Round: Starts from 25th to 29th of December, 2023
- Time: From 2PM to 3PM

- Age: 5 to 14 years old
- Maximum of 20 students per round


- 1st Round: Starts from 18th to 22ndth of December, 2023
- 2nd Round: Starts from 01st to 05th of January, 2024
- Time: From 4:00PM to 5:00PM

- Age: 5 to 12 years old
- Maximum of 15 students per round  

The benefits of attending this Kids Swimming Camp includes instruction in proper breathing techniques, the ability to swim while holding the board firmly, proper swimming techniques, as well as, making new friends along the way. After this special camp, you can continue attending our kids swimming lessons at GUNZE Sports every weekend.

Our kids swimming lesson follows Japanese standard and provides its learners with 36 different levels, from beginner to advanced. All GUNZE SPORTS members are able to utilize our 920 sqm2 outdoor swimming pool at Athina Branch and a 6-lane indoor swimming pool at our AEON MALL SEN SOK CITY Branch. We are equipped with the cleanest, most modern, shallow depth and safest swimming pool, perfect for young children.

Registration starts from today until December 24, 2023 for AEON MALL SEN SOK CITY Branch, and until December 30, 2023 for Athina Branch. The registration fee is 75$.

For more information and registration, please visit GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN at:
· Star Platinum Athina, Borey Peng Huoth or call 010 888 398
· AEON Mall Sen Sok City or call 015 888 468
· Email: