Get fit & enjoy additional benefits at GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN this Pchum Ben

Phnom Penh, September 1: Specialized Japanese fitness gym GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN is offering health
enthusiasts a special Pchum Ben promotion as well as new programs and classes, improved facilities and
additional instructors to encourage more individuals to look after their wellbeing.

The gym, at Borey Peng Huoth’s The Star Platinum Athina housing development, is kicking-off its Pchum
Ben Fitness Promotion from September 1-29 by slashing 20% off membership fees. A second promotion
rewards existing members who introduce a new member with special gifts.

Newly-introduced members, meanwhile, will enjoy perks in the form of a 20% membership fee reduction.
To top off their promotions, the gym is also beefing up facilities, classes and personnel to provide members
a comprehensive health and fitness experience. Some of the changes to GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN’s premises
and operations since its opening in June include:

 Increasing swimming and studio programs to 39 per week from Sept. 1 from 26 programs.
 Introducing four new classes - Aerobics, Hip Hop, Sexy Hip Hop & Street Dance, for a total of 18
new programs. Existing programs include Zumba, seven different yoga styles and numerous other
 Increasing the number of licensed instructors from six to 12.
 Providing exclusive swimwear, caps and bags for all swimming school members.
 Installing an advanced tiling and filter system for a cleaner, clearer pool.
 Organizing separate swimming courses for adults and children.
 Offering in-body 1-on- 1 counselling to allow members to shape their bodies the way they want, as
well as personalized fitness programs that cater to an individual’s needs.

“While the response to our gym has been overwhelming, our Pchum Ben promotions and upgrading work
are aimed at encouraging even more Cambodians and expatriates to better take care of their health,” said
Hideo Sato, the president of GUNZE SPORTS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. “Starting a fitness program before or
during a holiday period may prevent overeating, boost energy levels and create an overall sense of mental
and physical well-being, which in turn ensures a more memorable Pchum Ben.”

He added that GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN prioritizes classes that emphasize safety, security, punctuality and
cleanliness. The gym offers a swimming pool, yoga and aerobic studios, training rooms and other facilities.
A second GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN gym is scheduled to open in AEON Mall 2 by the middle of 2018.

GUNZE SPORTS CO., LTD. was founded in 1985 under GUNZE LIMITED. With its “Enrich Your Life” slogan,
the company offers value-add gym and sports club services and currently operates 20 fitness centers in
Japan. GUNZE SPORTS (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD was launched in Cambodia in March 2015 to assist individuals
in the Kingdom maintain and enhance their physical fitness and mental health.

For more information, contact:
General Manager
Mobile: 098 766 152 / Email: