Dance with GUNZE to Make Your Christmas Evening Merrier

With the Christmas countdown in full swing, it can get harder to juggle those regular workouts in between piles of paperwork that need to complete before year-end and festive feasting.

Fortunately, you don’t need to deprive yourself of all the fun. You can do your regular workouts while having fun with our Christmas Fitness Dancing Program on 24th December at GUNZE Athina and on 25th December at GUNZE AEON Mall Sen Sok City. From Zumba to Megadanz, get your hip ready to fitness dancing with us on Christmas evening.

Both dancing programs will be monitored by expert and experienced instructors from GUNZE who aim to show how fun the dance program is and how effective the dance move is to enhance your health & fitness as well as your mobility, flexibility, and self-esteem.

For those who want to join the fun, clear your schedule on
24th December 2021, at Athina
1) Zumba by GUNZE Sports Japan Instructors from 6PM – 7PM
2) Megadanz by GUNZE Sports Japan Instructors from 7PM – 8PM

25th December 2021, at AEON Mall Sen Sok

1) Zumba by GUNZE Sports Japan Instructors from 6:30PM – 7:15PM
2) Megadanz by GUNZE Sports Japan Instructors from 7:15PM – 8PM

Join the dance, and you’ll get a 1-day gym voucher for free (at both Athina and Aeon Mall Sen Sok) as well as offering consultations, guidance and other activities to further promote health from 9am to 4pm at GUNZE Aeon Mall Sen Sok.

You can join either Zumba or Megadanz, or both. It’s your choice. Come with your loved ones so you can do the inspiring dance move, discover the fun together, and recognize how healthy and refreshing after sweating.

All participants will receive prizes + something special for Christmas day.

Everyone is invited, but there are limited spots. Call 023 900 521 or email to reserve your spot. Check our Facebook page for updates.
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The Merrier on Christmas Days!