Honoring our culture with GUNZE SPORTS

Come celebrate New Year with a traditional Khmer dance  

While GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN is all about health and fitness, we’re celebrating Khmer New Year with something different – a traditional Khmer dance. We think this is a great way to usher in KNY and showcase just how much culture and tradition means to us.

Themed “Honoring our culture with GUNZE SPORTS”, the event is open to all at AEON Mall Sen Sok City (right in front of GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN on the ground floor) on 9 April, 2022 from 6-7pm. And as you’re showing off your dance skills and maybe, making new friends, don’t forget to dress in traditional Khmer attire to further complement the mood.  

We have gifts for all participants, including one-day gym vouchers, Deep Heat Rub Plus solutions and a stylish krama for New Year (or whenever you feel like highlighting Khmer culture). There are also exclusive prizes for
three best performers and best-dressed dancers.

Our dance session kicks-off at 6pm, but we’ll be starting the day with free InBody programs from 9.30am – 5.30pm. This unique one-minute test reveals muscle-fat proportion, obesity levels and more about your overall body composition. Our expert instructors then use these readings to guide you towards reaching your optimum fitness goals.

To register or for more information, call or visit GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN:

  • AEON Mall Sen Sok City @ +855 23 900 521/+855 98 740 243
  • Star Platinum Athina, Peng Huoth @ +855 23 900 392 /+855 81 986 384 
  • Email info@gunzesportskh.com  

We have place for only 50 participants, so do hurry and register before or by 9 April to demonstrate your appreciation of Khmer culture through traditional dance.