Healthy lifestyle, happy community

Boost your health and fitness with Gunze Sports

Be part of our “Healthy lifestyle, happy community” promo!  While Gunze Sports Japan is about promoting health and fitness for all, we also value and appreciate the cooperation between our fitness center and the Borey Peng Huoth community as one that builds closer ties and allows for win-win relationships.  

This is why we’re proud to be the oasis of health and wellness in the Borey Peng Huoth neighborhood, and why we want new members to take advantage of our “Healthy lifestyle, happy community” November promotion.

As a new member, here’s what you stand to gain:
·        Peng Huoth staff: 20% off new 1, 3 or 6-month memberships (no time limit)  

Do drop by Gunze Sports Japan Athina to check out our facilities and studio programs. We offer exclusive diverse studio programs that include Fight Do, X55 and Megadanz; Yoga and Zumba classes, an outdoor, 920 sqm pool; state-of-the-art equipment; and experienced, expert personal trainers who deliver personalized programs tailored to individual fitness levels.  

Athina also features training rooms, steam rooms for women and saunas for men, yoga and other facilities that make for a complete, safe fitness experience.   

Come boost your health and fitness with Gunze Sports today! 

Join us as part of the happy, healthy Borey Peng Huoth community. It’s not only a great opportunity to get fit and stay fit, it also enables you to meet new friends and be part of an active Athina community that grows healthier together!

For more info or to register:
·        Call +855 23 900 392/ 010 888 398 (Star Platinum Athina)
·        Email   Or visit us at Gunze Sports Japan Athina, Borey Peng Huoth daily from 6am – 9pm (except on the 15th and last day of the month).