Kids Swimming Camp II

Kids Swimming Camp II is coming now! Have you joined our Kids Swimming Camp in last season? If you missed it, you can bring your kids to learn swimming with us in this season. We offer our highly qualified, certified instructor committed to assisting youngster in learning to swim and boosting their confidence in water. This swimming package is affordable, memorable and fun for the family.  

Our children swimming program originated from Japan which offers 36 levels ranging from Beginner to Advance. Members of Gunze Sports have access to a 920-sqm outdoor pool at Star Platinum Athina, as well as, a 6-lane indoor swimming pool at AEON Mall Sen Sok City. Our swimming pools are ideal for children due to it being clean, shallow, modern and secure.  
Our swimming lessons at Gunze Sports include various entertaining activities that are so much more than just learning. Our swimming camp offers a safe and comfortable space for kids to have fun and improve their swimming ability.  

-Our first round will run from 10th through 14th December, from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.
-Our second round will run from 26th through 30th December, from 2pm to 3pm.
-Children with ages ranging from 5 to 14 are welcomed.
-Only a maximum of 25 students are allowed per round.  

Gunze Sports Star Platinum Athina, Peng Houth Boeung Snor
-Our first round will run from the 17th through the 21st of December, 2022.
-Our second round will run from the 2nd through the 6th January, 2023.
-This camp is schedule to run from 4 to 5pm.
-Children with ages ranging from 5 to 12 are welcomed.
-There is a cap of 20 students per round.  

Regardless of your child being a beginner or an advanced swimmer, our instructors are committed to teaching them the right technique. Join Gunze Sports for the best kids swimming camp package at affordable price. With this package, your children will be able to enhance their swimming abilities, physical health, learn new skills in the water, and make new friends.  

*Enrollment is open right now through the 26th December, 2022 for AEON Mall Sen Sok and through the 2nd of January, 2023 for Athina. Enrollment fee is $75.  

To sign up or for more information, call or visit GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN:
·       Star Platinum Athina, Borey Peng Huoth @ +855 23 900 392/010 888 398
·       AEON Mall Sen Sok City @ +855 23 900 521/015 888 468
·       Email: