Another Year, A Different You!

It’s Time for A Better and Stronger You!

A New Year marks a new beginning for your fitness journey. Come join GUNZE SPORTS on our special New Year Promotion where both existing and new members are rewarded with a 10% discount for 1-3 months membership, 15% discount for 6 months membership and 20% discount for 1-year membership.

On top of that, for members looking to renew their membership, we have got additional reward just for you. For a 6-month membership renewal, you will get an additional T-Shirt and for 1-year membership, you will receive a special bag from us. Don’t forget to introduce your friends and families to GUNZE SPORTS to get exclusive rewards from us, as well.  

Ever since our initial launch GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN has made use of our deep knowledge and experience to prioritize helping people with their goals in maintaining and achieving optimal health and physique. We offer various exclusive class such as studio programs including Yoga, Zumba and more, utilize cutting edge body calibration machines and gym equipment, and we employ highly qualified instructors to conduct personalized programs that are geared towards your fitness levels and goals.  

Additionally, we offer 6-lane indoor swimming pool at AEON Mall Sen Sok City Branch, and a 920-sqm outdoor pool at Athina branch, as well as, steam rooms for women, saunas for men, studio programs, training rooms, and other facilities.  

As a leading fitness brand that offers top-notch serves, facilities and programs, GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN is dedicated to enhancing lives and assisting you towards your goals of health and fitness.  

Join us on this special New Year Promotion! It is time for a better and stronger you! Don’t miss out! Our promotion lasts only from now till 31st January, 2023.    

To sign up or for more information, call or visit GUNZE SPORTS JAPAN:
·        Star Platinum Athina, Borey Peng Huoth @ +855 23 900 392/010 888 398
·        AEON Mall Sen Sok City @ +855 23 900 521/015 888 468
·        Email: